White Noise
White Noise

White Noise

Also known as excuses

written : Saturday 18.11.2017


In a jiffy…

In a little while…

Just now…

When it is ready…

Not in the mood…

There is just no time…

Too tired…

Where do you get that kind of money from…

One day…

Who will want to read this?

Why would they?

Who am I to think this way and wanting to share my thoughts?

With draft piles in the bin, it is easy to become consumed with your own thoughts.

Time really does fly, and before you know it there are Christmas decorations popping up everywhere.

And thinking about it, how much have you really achieved since you had first thought about a concept?

Did you become comfortable with a lazy life?

Or distracted by the white noise?

Or simply gave up?

Life owes you NOTHING, and is never fair.

You create your own luck to become the victor of your story.

It throws you with curve balls, and it is up to you to do a quick sidestep with solutions, and continue going forward.

It is OK to feel stuck and exhausted, as long as you do not waste valuable time sulking away.

Keep on going – even if it isn’t even at half the speed as before – just keep moving forward into the direction you want to go, and you should be fine.

Easier said than done, RIGHT?

It is about having valuable ethical principles carved into your very existence – be you a kid; a student; a newbie employee; a brother or sister; a mother or farther; a husband or wife; the manager or director; the friend or the stranger…

This allows you to not have to think so hard, before deciding on doing something.

Having such principles also help to develop a strong character.

In a life driven by greed, finances, love and entertainment, it is sad how hard one must work, to receive and experience the basic pleasures of life.

Making it quite easy to be overwhelmed by the countless limitations and restrictions (excuses) you find yourself identifying.

And that is OK.

Remember to breathe deeply and slowly; in and out, and clear your mind…

Take a moment to yourself, at least once a week, to make sure you are still developing into a person you want to be.

If you want to succeed – you need to be willing enough to sacrifice something for it. Replacing a bad habit with a good one, is the only way you will be able to change the outcome of the future.

With time, you will develop the awareness of self-sacrifice. Developing your freedom of choice as to how much you are willing to give for the cause at hand.

  • Is it really that important?
  • Or only a matter of urgency?
  • Will you benefit from it in the long run?
  • Or are you setting yourself up for self-sabotage?

The clock is always ticking – and it is up to you whether you continue till you had reached breaking point.

Make things THAT simple

  • Exercise daily
  • [start] eating breakfast
  • Sleep well
  • Start doing and less dreaming / thinking about it
  • Love time spent

I have 50 years of a career still a head of me – should karma be kind to my mind, body and soul.

I do not need to rush…

All I need, is to learn from others, not repeat their mistakes – to save time, and develop techniques that work!

To learn all the valuable lessons I can NOW, whilst being able to keep up with the hustle. Stop striving to do things perfectly the first time around – stop trying to be like someone else.

Practise makes perfect, with theory to help analyse the data.

With every mistake – is an opportunity for growth both in character and knowledge.

It is – and will be exhausting : do you have the GRIT to get there?

Throughout all the career driven tactics; the long late night hours spent researching; the plenty client interactions and variety of briefs to cater for; everything should be balanced out by precious memomarble moments with friends, and family – or even by yourself.

  • Reading a book.
  • Enjoying a hot, steamy, way too long bath.
  • Looking at pretty pictures.
  • Catching up on product knowledge and identification with samples.
  • Finding the time to say Hello to the long ‘lost’ friend, you have not made time for in ages.
  • Uncontrollable laughter, and the saddest and angriest of tears.

Here’s a challenge: Learn how to to switch off from work – at home:

  • Redefining personal boundaries instead of working till midnight hours.
  • Get that metabolism working.
  • Uncover that toned body with daily exercise.

Added exercise times with Idol.

  • Make more sufficient time for those dearest to you.
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Co-workers
  • And chores, don’t forget about those…

Again, yes – you’ll be exhausted, and believe you have given and done more than enough already.

Having developed a deeper understanding of your goals, and how you would kind of achieve them : you will muster up the courage to find the energy and continue much further…

Remember to live and play, and cherish what matters to you most.

As long as you are on the right path towards your dream goal.


It IS difficult to keep yourself motivated when you have already given everything.

Having written notes always helps to refer back to.

Why do you want the change?

What would you love to achieve?

How long do you have (self-set or not) to get it done?

It is a way to refuel, and restructure your thoughts – after you’ve been already trying to be everywhere.

Not in control…

You are your first priority – never forget that.

Do what you need to, to achieve what your heart truly desires – in the most ethical practice imaginable.

And you will be legendary.

The world is too diversified to feel important to others across borders…

As contexts change, and relevance differ.

Experiences influencing your daily motive knowing or not.

Good and bad alike.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Smile to a stranger – yet don’t be naïve.
Work hard – and set the example of quality work to others.
Always stay true – Your name should shout honesty and trust through word of mouth.
Learn to see the beauty of living – not the comfortable workable routine you find yourself in.

Do that little bit more – and experience the difference.

You are almost there.

Keep going and start living again.


How it felt being a child playing aimlessly in the yard;

who made the most fun out of every moment.

Having fun with who ever the race, age, or gender

because why not?

Having fun together is more rewarding than making attempts on your own.


Read this however many times required – to regather your thoughts, and return to the playing field with refreshed tactics.


Anything to share or add? 


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