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2019 – Fresh Beginnings – Nova Initiis
2019 – Fresh Beginnings – Nova Initiis

2019 – Fresh Beginnings – Nova Initiis

It is New Years Eve, 2018

Long awaited rain had been gently pouring itself down for the past three days.Lending time for comfortable snuggling sessions, with a lot of inward thinking.

It has been a year and a bit, since interPRiority went live for the first time – 07.2017

Since, the design and layout had changed plentiful times : whilst the core concepts where only redefined – to somehow resonate with you.

About a week ago, I had made a decision – to move away from self curated weblayouts : to the simplicity presented through WordPress. The simplicity, as well as the ease of creating and sharing content :  putting it out there for you to read.

I literally do not have the extra time to make everything cohesively designed as one element, AND then get to creating exciting collaborative content. In turn attempting to connect to my audience on a personal level, WHILE life goes on behind the scenes.

(By the way – I have been dying to get to the content-sharing and collaborating throughout 2018.)

Don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty of content for you to read already. It’s there – ready to be explored : starting from The Ambition. Should there be any terms within your reading – which you did not fully understand : utlize the Library section for further exploration.

I have so much I seriously want to discuss and write about! Sadly… the White Noise with financial priorities come first. I believe you are also too well aware of this?

(Time is precious – and Sleep needs a basic minimum – not always upheld.)

2018 – in turn – had been a year of observation and taking notes. Always listening and on the look out for something new.

It is time to ground the knowledge, and develop it in further relevant depths.

But, what is relevant? Why is it / or should it be relevant? And to whom; where? The struggle had been real to wrap my head around this. 

(I mean, think about it for a second.)

You cannot ignore such questions, when your audience is just as important as your content. Yet, here I am – unable to specify any specifics for you.I am unable to help you identify whether you’d like to be a part of this – whatever this is.

I do believe the knowledge – would find relevance somehow – We just need to develop it.

interPRiority could thus act as an Online Studio platform – to share raw information and develop it into something great amongst everyone.

(Be reminded – I use Primary Sources when doing Research : with more than 2x diversified sources to substantiate what ever is being shared.)

I suggest you consider doing the same – You’ll be amazed with how fun it could be later on.

Life –  everyone is dealing with their own White Noise right now.

Believe me, I know, and am aware of a few obvious ones. That is the funstrating aspect about this whole interPRiority thing! Time’s not slowing down, and I’m not reaching you fast enough to collaborate for a slight improved tomorrow. Every day.

As mentioned before – The Ambition – really spells it out.

Deep concerns on a Career – professional – driven level.

Interiority – Deeper concerns within Oneself.

The Realness of the situation : Life throws Lemons when least expected.

My personal attention is being spread thin amongs multi layered complexities caught within the Circadian Rhythm. The lack of connection, had made this journey rather lonely.

(I’d like to change that.)

I cannot be the only one silently shivering; thinking about these concepts.

Be it from excitement or angst.

A platform – to communicate information on a personal level : whilst encouraging collaboration from anyone who has a comment to add.

A tool to connect with others : as any other Social Media for convenience, such as : Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and old fashioned email. I’m still considering the uses for : Twitter and Youtube


Nothing is equally important or relevant within any given point in time to Me, You – or any one else.We are dwellers, on a Muddy planet : for a very limited time. Yet, that time spent is more than Two Thousand Years! How much have we achieved within this time? How much have we destroyed within this time? How much have we learned and developed?How much had the thinking of each individual change : due to global society and inter- connectedness? What is valuable? If it’s valuabe to you, does that mean it should be valuable to me too? WHY does it have value to you in the first place? Do you use your storytelling ability to inspire us to [try] understand why it should be valued and considered? How human had global actions been – when critically considering the state of our Natural Environment and the health of every living thing?

(Not that easy to explain, is it? The meaning either too complex, or the truth too real? Perhaps no one has the time, money, knowledge or real interest to listen and care for others.)

In a world where kids are being taught to always lookout for themselves, and do better than the one next to them. Rather than help everyone kick into gear : and excell as a Team : together…

Absolutely, NO Reason

Other than it’s THAT obvious

.e.v.e.r.y | s.i.n.g.l.e | p.e.r.s.o.n. | c.a.n | m.a.k.e | a | d.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.c.e

And with the decidaction – and energized urge : I hope to inspire you to join in and do the same for Yourself.

Then others.

I am not yet as well informed on topics I’d love to discuss : thus kindly do not assume I know it all. I do not know why I have this urge to get started and connecting. Mundane daily routines filled with “no reason” – habits taking toll…

Staying with what you are comfortable with vs. Embracing change, and actively doing something for a better tomorrow.

(NOT only for you – start being nice to your neighbour.)

I had come to note : that a few moments of consideration can go a long way.
With that said – again – there will be reading involved on this particular platform : Website. Some back bone further reading / interesting finds or questions : will be shared on Facebook. I love to share beautiful moments and findings within my personal life and experiences via visual storytelling : on Instagram. Pinterest – an extremely useful tool to depict meaning and branding in an instant “home feed”

(I love visual browsing – observing the details – hoping to note them properly for future reference.)

I will do my best to start working on my graphics – becomming familiar with the Old.
Most of my time will soon be tied to professional duties again – as listed per Linkedin. Holiday Festive season : Done-and-Dusted.

Time management : Take Active Efforts, neh?

Nova Initiis – Italian for : “Fresh Beginnings”

Brand Spankin’ New Year – 2019
Let’s make this a good one!

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