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What do you really care about? Pause, and Reflect. 2/3
What do you really care about? Pause, and Reflect. 2/3

What do you really care about? Pause, and Reflect. 2/3

Have you ever had a thought ” someone should really do something about that?”

No matter how small or insignificant the circumstance, never underestimate a bright idea’s value or impact on others. Both You and Me.

Kindly allow your some time, to consider what we share here today – keeping the following concepts in mind :

“The links between one’s work and identity can lead to compulsion and obsession such as workaholism ” |Edward Munch

“If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you do not, you’ll find an excuse.” |

Architecture, could arguable be the finest, easiest achievement of humankind – a visible emblem.

The world had lost one of the few remaining Gothic Architectural Masterpieces : the timber spire and its surrounding timber structure. It came as great shock – how such a loss, had affected millions across the globe – however impersonal. Sadness and Grieve had hit us all. The impermanent notion that even 850 years is temporary in the end.

[Everything from this point on – sources can be found here]

Things have symbolic meaning – telling us a story of class, struggle, beauty, dreams and more.

What will the burning of Notre Dame mean to the local and global population?

  • It happened the Monday before Good Friday 19th April 2019
  • Religious significance? Coincidence? Technical Failure?
  • The focus now magnified and greater respect granted to the care and restoration of our elder architectural pieces?
  • What emotions and rational opinions will be shared towards those who’ve donated to Notre Dame’s Restoration Project?
  • Are people going to avoid the elephant that’s in the room?

Russen Brand had an interesting perspective on this and I could not have done any better. He presented the known philosophical question : where you either had to rescue a baby from a burning building, or the last remaining copy of complete works of Shakespear. What would you save?
Of course, you’d say the Baby! Otherwise, once you idealize ideology and cultural artefacts above human life – then that’s the root to Nasticism.

Why are we constantly surprised by the virgility of daily living and its temporary notions? Day in – and – Day out. Anything can happen.
‘We should be scared, and we know it – yet we do not feel it within our bellies yet. ‘ Right now.

Novelist Victor Hugo, of Hunchback of Notre Dame – philosophised that cultures of the earth wrote their thoughts with rock since the beginning. With such magnificent arrangements of stone ( Architecture) civilisations could ‘confidently’ launch what it knew into the future. And as Nerd Writer explains below – that confidence reached an epoch ending at Gothic Architecture.

Nerd had been asked “What role do you think architecture plays in society besides that of being the defense against the elements?”

He beautifully explained how Contemporary Architecture concerns seem to largely deal with our society’s next great challenge : sustainability and intergration with the environment. A concern that has to be met with action.

Oh – this man brilliantly continues to describe that there seems to be a gross underemphasis of the power Architecture plays on our consciousness and culture. Our environment we found ourselves in, massively influence how we perceive and see the world around us; in turn the society at large.

  • What does it mean to live the way that you do, right now?
  • What does it mean to have not expected Cyclone Idai and your village is the first to be hit?
  • What does it mean to be SO wealthy – you are able to donate millions of dollars towards the restoration of a masterpiece?

Don’t be naive.

‘Observations seemingly obvious as if to disappear into the background – or rather, disappears as the background. When we allow our active observation of taking notes on what we observe and experience through time to disappear; their influence be it good or bad – remain invisible and disappears to us as well.’

Then there’s a concept of Value.

What is value and how do we know when something had been valuable in the first place? When something isn’t necessary for survival, would it be silly to call it valuable?
Rare Earth had been kind enough to further discuss this particular topic using the reference to diamonds. ‘They are just rocks, shiny rocks granted. But rocks none the less.’ It doesn’t matter if I see the value of the diamonds, as long as everyone else does. As long as society says it’s so – others’ will follow and kill you for it. Value represents control – a format of power.

Scarcity is one thing, as desire is another.

My name is Ruejean, a fellow citizen, student, friend, colleague, teacher, trainee, gamer, equestrian, daughter, sister, lover, observer, critical thinker, professional, fellow salesman and a kind hopeful soul.

Do you get mesmerized by every day’s routine? Or do you allow yourself to consider such complexities?

My hands are yours, take hold of them as valuable connections are being made with our (future) storytelling.

It’s scary out there – and thank you for finishing part two of our Trilogy Introductory Series (meant for Podcast #life and #time) For resources, more information and further reading or commenting, click here.)

Let us work on the habit to make time – to consider hard questions, be creative and together generate beautiful innovations.

I know what it’s like to not have enough time available, for your current circumstances and daily routines as is – can be quite overwhelming to keep up with. No matter the perspective… Yet, I feel this need to connect with others on important matters to influence change. Change within Our lives – every individual nomatter how rich or poor : whether in a casual or high demand work environment : or reaching retirement, or already there. I’d like to make a connection with you.

Take care.


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