When you don’t know what to do… Don’t Panic. 1/3
When you don’t know what to do… Don’t Panic. 1/3

When you don’t know what to do… Don’t Panic. 1/3

Have you ever had a thought ” someone should really do something about that?”

No matter how small or insignificant the circumstance, nor how extensive towards social and governmental influence each action needed to entail.

Somebody, should do something about this. That somebody includes you and me.

Kindly allow your mind to wonder, keeping the following two concepts in mind :

“They don’t understand you because your heart bleeds colours the world has never seen before ” |AR Lucas

“You can always help someone develop skills – it’s their attitude you cannot control ” | Ivan Misner

What happens when you let your mind wonder?


Hard questions, difficult to consider as it involves Real Concerns.

Strategies, Planning and Techniques

How often do you allow your mind to wonder?

Subjects involving sustainability, design, art, architecture, economics, and sales ( the supply and demand rhythm); culture, entrepreneurship, manufacturing with its logistics and waste management implications. Wildlife and Hunting; Recycling, the online community, technology, lifestyles and individual experiences together with education, habits and knowledge of the self and that of our own mind.

The Bright Idea of this introductory series ( meant as our first podcast series, #life though and #time. ) is to shock you with story telling and hard questions, inspiring you to follow up with your own observational eye.

Riddle me this : I’m 27 years old.
An ambitious Interior Architects from South Africa, currently employed as an External Sales Executive.

Not so long ago – whispers had been spreading of expected loadshedding across the country. Particular neighbourhoods experience an interruption of electricity supply to avoid excessive load on the generating plant on any given time. Our country’s demand all of a sudden exceeded our supply thereof. Loadshedding occurs at scheduled intervals 3 – 6 hours on end.

  • This meant- longer commutes (sometimes 25 – 30min longer) due to robot intersections now only acting as Four-way-stops. Internet and Telephone lines are down limiting communication and work productivity; not to mention the airconditioning with the heat we had been experiencing!
  • What about our appliances’ internal mechanisms at home?
  • Let alone what to make for dinner? Or have coffee. Or even a warm shower.

But, hang on!

What could be a cause for this sudden short supply in electricity?

We’ve been borrowing power from Malawi – who at that point in time had been illprepared and not properly forewarned of Cyclon Idai ( Monday 04 March – Wed 21 March, 2019) She’s crowned one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.

500 or more dead, 600 000 people displaced, some 1.8 million people had been affected accross the Southern Africa : Malawi , Mozambiqu and Zimbabwe regions. No electricity or running water in areas where homes had been swept away and roads destroyed by floods. Sources
Winds with speed up to 177 kmph (107mph) Beira, a city of 500 000 people in Malawi, did not stand a chance.

The damage incurred to the city’s and country’s infrastructure – in financial terms – reach close to $2Billion in repairs and rebuilt. Sofar, they had been received a credit donation from International Moneraty Fund (IMF) of $ 118.2m to kickstart the venture.

And thank goodness for the bright mind who suspected cholera spreading due to flash floods caused by Cyclone Idai and dam infrastructure not able to keep hold of it’s overload. Now stationary – polluted water is every where. No food with crops distroyed just before harvest season. Immune systems weakening due to malnourishment, injuries, and nothing to eat.

That bright mind ( as many other rescueing teams ) escorted 900 000 vaccines to Beira as soon as they could land safely : to do their best at preventing the spread of it. only 2 fatalities had been documented after 1200 oral dosages.

Lucky for me, I’m home safe. I could close my browser, set an alarm and snuggle into bed for a night’s rest before tomorrow’s return to work.

Riddle me this : the world is shocked with the news Notre Dame’s timber spire is on fire, on Monday 15th April, 2019.
Notre Dame – the 850 – year old Gothic Masterpiece – the landmark enticing 13 million visitors every year, in Paris – was built in 1163 – 1345. That’s 182 years of workmanship. The spire itself had undergone restoration and adaptation for 20 years in 1844 – 1864. Nothing since, until only most recent attempts.

What I had found interesting upon further investigation, is that in recent years Friends of Notre Dame (a non-profit organisation) launched a campaign to raise more than $100 Million to urgently get to the restoration work that urgently needed to be done. Two specific State circumstances allowed for the campaign’s failure. See Sources

15 April, 2019

The onslaught of this fire on us individuals – the people ; the audience- across the globe : as we cannot do more than just watch the fire engulf the once-in-a-lifetime 13th Century Oak.

Such Great Sadness can befall on anyone having seen this terrifying catastrophy. Such craft, preserverence and technique truly had been a masterpiece. We lost something precious in that fire, did you feel it too?

I’ve only ever had the privilege to study Norte Dame through imagery, Youtube documentaries, our analysis’ made during architectural studies at University, and now this.

Much to the world’s astonishment – almost $ 1 000 000 000 had been donated to the restoration alterations adaptations to what remains of Norte Dame’s top structure. Within two days.

$1 Billion dollars is a lot of money to fix any one building’s roof, when you could :

  • Help out during a natural disaster
  • or feeding the poor
  • or supporting entrepreneurship
  • or help save wildlife
  • or sponsor clean-up campaigns

Yet, who are we to judge how another spends his well earned riches? No matter the value, no matter the dire cause.

Riddle me this :

Just because you see something is broken, doesn’t mean you should make it your responsibility to try and fix it.

If there’s no one else doing anything – would you just stand and watch?

My name is Ruejean, a fellow citizen, student, friend, colleague, teacher, trainee, gamer, equestrian, daughter, sister, lover, observer, critical thinker, professional, fellow salesman and a kind hopeful soul.

My hands are yours, take hold of them as valuable connections are being made with our (future) storytelling.

Have you ever had the thought ” someone should really do something about this?”

It’s scary out there – hold on tight as we proceed to part two of this Trilogy Introductory Series (meant for Podcast #life and #time)

Let us work on the habit to make time – to consider hard questions, be creative and together generate beautiful innovations.

I know what it’s like to not have enough time available, for your current circumstances and daily routines as is – can be quite overwhelming to keep up with. No matter the perspective… Yet, I feel this need to connect with others on important matters to influence change. Change within Our lives – every individual nomatter how rich or poor : whether in a casual or high demand work environment : or reaching retirement, or already there. I’d like to make a connection with you.

Mooi bly.


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