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A Different Perspective

A naive obsession toward the recognition and understanding of an abstract concept; or at least what it could mean in the future…
Has led me, as an ever-present student, down a more riddeling path ( or journey)

Time is not on my side, Friend.

I have a lot I want to talk to you about – and it has been difficult transforming the right words into interesting paragraphs. In hopes for you to want to return with a question of your own.

I try to write every day – to ensure an understanding on everything I have bottled up : all my concern, or interesting findings for that day, week, month; even all the relevant emotions experienced in between. I do this, to understand the experience and connotation to that particular scenario in further detail. This allows me to formulate objectified commentary as an observer to truths vs. personal opinion alone.

It is excellent for learning and excelling within less amount of time – however, daily criticism and stimulus overload can only be tolerated to a point… before it is clouded with self made judgements – with no one around to challenge your innovative thinking – for creative Personal – and Professional development.

I only had an Idea, with no name to call it by. I knew I wanted to write and talk about anything and everything related to Design – narrowing it down to principles to be applied within immediate contexts of viewers – as to affect change slowly but surely within the learning environment of our profession; but also to inspire innovation for a more creatively sustainable future and quality living.

For everyone. A platform to share ideas, and excell the design discipline within the immediate context of the participant [you].

Prior to rushing towards the glorious mountain of [new] knowledge, I’d placed heavy thought into what this platform could stand for :

  • What would others call this?
  • How easy would it be to find it on the interwebs?
  • How easy would it be to remember the name? 
  • What would its secondary meaning be?
  • Are there any associations to be made directly when reading it?
  • Who would the name be targeted at?
  • Will anyone feel welcome here, to share their opinions too?
    • Or only a selective few?
    • An if so, who?
  • What will this mean for me as well as for others in the long term?

One of my dreams, is to have [interior] spaces be valued more by those who inhabit them. And, I want all relevant design elements to encourage the well being of its users, and encourage them to experience new ways of quality living.

Within my first journal, my opening line instructs me to remember the following :

To be one of the greatest in the world, one must first learn how to become great and in turn,make a difference. “

To eliminate feeling overwhelmed by the mere possibilities of the concept – a decision was made to clearly identify what I’d love to achieve with this platform.


A generic, ‘quick’ description could be explained as the “atmosphere”; or the “vibe” you get from perceiving a space with the senses.

  • Luxurious fashionable restaurant, subtly hinting expensive cuisine
  • Country home, begging you to be comfortable and at home when you’ve entered through the front door.


A young person with exceptional qualities or abilities.

  • an amazing or unusual thing, especially one out of the ordinary course of nature.
  • One who is a master of one or more skills of arts at a young age.

It is incredibly fascinating how any space can influence any inhabitant in numerous different ways; without the user consciously noticing the experience. As well as, how this user, in turn, can allow their experience to live on in memory within such spaces.

The hope; or rather the vision – is to be able to curate such influencial interiors (or rather any space inhabited intimately by a user) – for the better well-being of their existence. 

Soft furnishings such as – textures, colour combinations, ironmongery, spaceplanning etc. – in isolation mean little to me. The littlest detail is JUST AS IMPORTANT as the greater whole – thus, notioning to the finer coordination between creative professionals – allowing inspirational and inovative design to be created.

Remove the barrier which forces you to consider your influence in isolation

The Name

Value above Cost.

Need above want and desire.

Finding the balance.

This may seem to be a wonderful story – a nice attempt; but this is a serious matter to the heart. And to prove how serious – to become a prodigy of interiority – seemed an appropriate analogy in comparison to the passionate drive behind this.

Interiority’s Prodigy

To have identified a life’s ambition – felt quite exceptional – thus allowing both terms INTERIORITY and PRODIGY to be valuable candidates for a name.

Prodigy of Interiority

A bit of word play, with letters scrambled here and there :

i n t e r P R i o r i t y

This name holds promise, for a better tomorrow – should it become a priority for YOU…

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