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Change from being a Toy, to being a Tool
Change from being a Toy, to being a Tool

Change from being a Toy, to being a Tool

Oh how easy it is to fall into self pity when one is exhausted, overwhelmed, tired, or even just flunderbusted with your particular situation.

It’s only been a week back at the office, and I’ve already lacked the active consideration NOT to fall into my comfortable routine of before. When you have done something for a year, and it did work – without actively thinking about it or setting kind reminders per time slot; we easily could be distracted from what is really important. Work work. I have had an opportunity to see Idol ONCE, I’ve worked relentlessly through my customer base to know the next step forward with each by next week Monday. I’ve attended to personalized client queries having hit the ground running. Stock and product information, also travelling to and fro to get things done; all already required extensive tracking and reminder settings to ensure everything that needs doing, gets done.

Before the week started, I had found a break through with a particular Diarized method I wanted to test out – Utilizing a one pager to display all necessary information in one spot. Allowing more security to vital information, as loose papers either get lost, or my file just gets too heavy for daily travels.

I had utilized mobile apps such as Daylio, Pomodoro, and Orbit Mind; to keep me on track, daily, whilst providing myself platforms for clear notations as well as self realizations regarding each concept that had been experienced.

Daylio tracks my mood and activities influencing the mood.

Pomodoro allows me to be more aware of my time. Working 4 x 25min sessions, with 5 min breaks in between; followed up with a 15min break before repeating the whole routine for another 4x sessions. And so on. You’d be amazed at how sometimes the time really did fly, and others you find it difficult to allocate work and tasks to the available time remaining within the exercise. (Confusing and exciting at the same time, I know!)
However, this exercise allowed me to allocate my time more efficiently to prioritize my To-Do’s accordingly. Strange thing I’ve experienced, is that I do not know what to do during these breaks to keep my mind from thinking about the work need doing for the next 25 min… It’s usually used to prepare the admin for the next 25 min (which I don’t think is what this method meant with ‘break.’)

And Orbit Mind, allows me to create mind maps per the topic concept as the thoughts occur. You’d be amazed at how easy it had made noticing overlapping selections – allowing for a more productive method, or time spent going forward. Multiple mind maps, allows me to keep up with small notes, be it with relation to my work, my personally grocery shopping and cooking plans; or even as far as my training methods with Idol going forward. Really fun tool.

The above three tools exclude the 3x alarms in the morning. (Haha, I am NOT a morning person.) On the first alarm, who ever gets up first starts up the gas for our kettle. Estimate time of whistle : 10 – 12 mins. 2nd and 3rd alarms are there should we have snoozed too long, with the gas perhaps dying. Then, efficiently utilizing the water for either 4x morning cups of coffee ( or tea,#january) or 2x cups and a Pot Oats. It has become routine to eat breakfast, which really made my days more bearable with a full tummy. PS – having gas had made cooking really easy! In the mornings we don’t actively use our appliances thanks to the gas stove.( excl. geyser and fridge of course.)

All in the name of developing healthy habits, to allow them to become routine, to exercise the self-discipline to keep going and staying strong; allowing a stronger character as an individual to follow through with a system that utilizes tools effectively to manage time and expectations.

Sometimes, a routine allows us to feel safe as we know what to expect and what to do. It’s when we have to split that routine open and critically think about how we spend our time and thoughts during each time slot – that we notice the safety net is acting more like shackles, binding us from the world of opportunity and insight. The sense of control can fade easily, and that’s where the strength of your character comes into play. Are you one to cower in a corner when something unexpectedly happens and flips your world upside down, or do you embrace it with courage, and ride the flow to see where this opportunity may lead you?

This week had been a tough one, I’m not going to lie. From being able to see my Idol only once, to being stuck in front of the laptop and phone the whole day doing my best to satisfy the client base with product selection and services delivered. To redivising a sales plan for 2020 – exploiting my old tactics through questions towards what worked and what didn’t, and questioning the methods for changes required accordingly. It’s tiring. I worked till late at night already. I don’t think spending active selling time doing admin is an effective use of time between 9h-5h… And that has allowed for some personal conflicts to occur.


I need to stop allowing myself to go over and beyond with what I’m capable of doing. Not because I can’t keep up. But because I have so many other different things I’d love to exploit my time with this year 2020. Things like spending more time with Idol doing Straightness Training as a 1st year Mastery Student. To exploit more effective sales and time management tactics to reach the right target market and selling the most beautiful tiles to the daring projects currently in the market. I’d love to work in my garden again, it’s time for weeding, and more flower planting. With preparing the garden beds, our herbs and veggies are soon ready to be planted and propagated. Oh! and let’s not forget, I’d love to read stories more, allowing my mind to wonder into different realms away from reality and learning lessons through others within my imagination. I want to entertain family and friends, which take commitment and planning of its own within a career driven based routine as it stands now. I’d love to exploit natural organic local products and produce, to assist with my sensitive skin, and long hair treatments. This list not being limited to; as drawing, interaction and collaboration with like minded creators & individuals, and my own personal self care for instance, are still merely the tip of the ice berg.

So you see, I need to manage Time effectively. And yes, it saddens me that I have to clock everything into a calendar these days to ensure it all gets done. But of course, it took a moment of a few hours sitting down looking at a few time slots and the general usage of each per similar tasks – to understand how I run my life on an automatic routine. I discovered I am SO WILLING to give my time to work related circumstances even after hours, that I need to be my own strict parent to allow for a diversified daily schedule for a balanced exposure of flow and creativity.

I am NO pro at it. I mean, I have to correct what I stated here about the bullet journal method to keep track of complexed tasks within the Sales profession. And rather thank for sharing short videos on her process of creating. Allowing time to really think about what relevant information I needed to know on a daily basis, had influenced a tab design similar to – but different- with legends and tracking necessities used within a fun design. I had noticed, redrawing each segment allows a sense of meditation with the silly sense of concentration, accuracy and accomplishment. As well as a sense of excitement to the countdown towards each month end. Telling me to hustle with the relevant stats, should my target not yet be on point. It’s really a fun tool which critically compliments my work style and level of desired detail required. ALSO! Limits paper wastage at the office, YAY! 😀 PS – Hubspot also helps here with notations regarding discussions per client, and keeping an eye on numbers.

So you see, don’t be the victim of your own demise. Be on the lookout for tools which could assist you with creating a sense of control. However, don’t be so naive not to allow for something spontaneous to spark change and growth every so often.

There’s some big changes ahead, and I look forward to sharing them with you as they occur. Best of wishes for your next week. Keep strong, and remember – don’t be someone else’s toy.


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