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We don’t grow in our comfort zone.
We don’t grow in our comfort zone.

We don’t grow in our comfort zone.

She woke up differently. Done with trying to figure out who was with her, against her, or walking down the middle because they didn’t have the guts to pick a side. She was done with anything that didn’t bring her peace. She realized that opinions were a dime a dozen, validation was for parking, and loyalty wasn’t a word but a lifestyle. It was this day that her life changed. And not because of a man or a job but because she realized that life is way too short to leave the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket.

How much perseverance and resilience can you apply under pressure and uncertainty, when you are squeezed like a melon, with a limited amount of time? What or who gives you the support you may need to keep going, or at least pause, for a quick breather and a clear moment of reflection? Are you willing to go through hell and back to achieve what you have set your mind to? Do you truly grasp the term what it means to be willing? The will to achieve; the grit to keep going; the Go go GO! The not giving up. When last have you felt that?

How strong of a person are you? Consider your thoughts about strengths, and weaknesses. What it means to be good or noob at something. What is success to you? Consider your family, work colleagues, friends, acquaintances… How good are your relationships with them? Do You benefit, or is it mutual? Perhaps, you’re the only one giving fuel to it… Or have you both simply walked away from it all?

How focused can you get? What about being lost – dwindling like a leaf in the wind. How do you react within situations you have no control in? Yet within another, your influence is highly appreciated and taken note off.; how differently do you perceive yourself then? What are the differences in circumstances, the WHY for those conversations and interactions taking place with those individuals at that time? Are you good at having a conversation, or do you make enemies every time you talk about something you are passionate about?

A kind reminder that each of us have a journey to walk. And it is up to us how we want to write the story. Yes, there are hard restrictions, which we could become familiar with. And more often than not, we wonder alone. Allowing inspiration to work around the problem towards a solution. Don’t restrict yourself by thinking just in the box, but consider it’s inner and outer layer of existence. It’s influence to light depending on placement and perspective… so much more detail can be focused on ! It’s all a matter of where you decide to place your focus on… Once you take a moment to really look at something, and study its possibilities – that’s when magic starts happening and the shifts in differences occur. Try thinking about 50x different uses of a standard towel. Limits are to your imagination alone.

Now, approach each moment with similar creativity and optimism. Become Naturally attuned to your WHY, and the journey will be an exciting experience; with good application towards habits, and lessons learns from the not-so-good outcomes.

We aren’t our past. We aren’t the same person as yesterday, let alone the same one as 5 years or more ago! Not one journey is ever perceived the same, respect that.Not all who wander are lost.’

We are explorers of our own world, and it’s our responsibility how we interpret and react to it. This self discovery journey will influence those around you – that before you know it, you’ll have close friends with a connection deeper and more authentic than ever expected. No room for judgement only growth and breakthroughs.

Identify which thoughts make you excited for the future, and align your lifestyle accordingly to make it happen. Slowly but surely, when you look back you’d be amazed at the progress you’ve made on a daily scale.

“How does one eat an elephant?”
Afrikaans “Stukkie vir Stukkie.”
Not all at once.

I’ve made a choice : to get more done and more involved this year. I only have the same amount of time – and didn’t have much activities to substitute in the first place. Smart allocation of time during the week and weekends had become a must; with effective time spent within each moment becoming habit. Practice listening. I’m utlizing this platform [IP] as my own motivational inspiration, and for the sharing of progress within a diarized method to my own success and experiences.

This dedication to share my story – is to inspire us both (you& me) to become familiar with the acts, and become brave to do something similar within many different contexts. Cross-referencing the knowledge so to speak.

Leaving you with a thought today :

It start’s with asking how well do you know yourself ? How much are you willing to tolerate before putting an end to something; or when will you redirect displaced behaviour into something more preferred? How well do you fare under pressure? What is pressure to you? All these are Semiotics for the sake of explanation. There’s deeper meaning within each term, with many different branches of expression. Please, Feel comfortable to express your own interpretation below.

Quickly clear your mind and think a lil more seriously about what could your life look like, if you wanted to be overwhelmingly obsessed with living it every day? Then drag that reality to the opposite extreme asking what could your life look like, if you lost that one thing. Could be your job, a loved one, an opportunity, perhaps your crops or even just a bargain… What if you lost your employment, would you be able to cope? I want you to ask the hard and easy questions, together. To understand your level of tolerance in this current lifestyle of yours. To see whether it will be worth the effort you’re going to have to put in.

You may keep your thoughts and development to yourself; or share them here with others. It all amounts to choices being Yours to make. Be brave in this process, knowing you’re not alone in this. Keep a level head while treading within society, and you’ll do OK.

Scared? Good. We don’t grow in our comfort zones.


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