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The best ways to fighting this COVID-19 pandemic, as precedented|Social Distancing
The best ways to fighting this COVID-19 pandemic, as precedented|Social Distancing

The best ways to fighting this COVID-19 pandemic, as precedented|Social Distancing

Kurzesaght – Corona Virus explained, and what you should do
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In essence, my Friend, it seems whether we like it or not we’ll contract this SARS-COV-2 virus together with COVID-19 some point in our lifetime. Be it now, or in a few months. Perhaps in a few years. The human race is locked in a battle against something five million times smaller than us. Emerging from Wuhan, China in Dec’19 / Jan’20, it has gone from being an unknown enemy to being feared worldwide in a matter of months. >click for info<and >🎵click🎵 to set the tone in music<

Within this post I’d like to get real with every reader I am able to reach. I deem with some others, that South Africa had been lucky to have had other countries as precedents on what’s to be expected with the spread of COVID-19; as it was making its way towards our shores, we could somewhat prepare ourselves. The do’s and don’ts, what could work and what would not. It provided an example of societal reaction towards extensive Governmental interventions and a bit of insight with regards to the expected [and experienced] social behaviours of initial denial towards the grief-struck and broken souls we turn out to be once COVID-19 becomes part of our daily reality, thanks to the the internet.
Individuals who had been witnessing this Death, feeling stuck in a distopian state; expressed the following precautionary method as best rated method to delay ( and hopefully prevent) the spread of [the] virus. Proven by past precedence analysed through research, done by others, by myself [RJ] ; and as seen with modern statistical proof within the current outbreak.

S o c i a l D i s t a n c i n g

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I personally believe, globally we had been so busy chasing the ball of greed and becoming comfortable with it – that we didn’t note that our health and the survival as a species, is what matters most. ( Quick referral to the post about what’s value >click<)

FIRSTLY, there is no vaccine. Not yet anyway. At the moment, all we can do is treat the symptoms and work with hospital machinery and medical staff to keep most critically infected individuals within a controlled environment, alive.

The concept expressed about flattening the curve derived from the core fact : our Health Systems will not cope with the influx of patients. PPE’s ( personal protective equipment) are running out, spaces are being over crowded, and general emergencies are slipping through the cracks because of utilitarian priority. (Eg. CATALONIA, SPAIN 🇪🇸 ADVANCES its efforts to keep hospitals as unjammed as possible during the COViD-19 epidemic: HORSE RIDING is officially banned in order to limit the risk of people being involved in accidents or simply getting injured and taking hospital beds and time of medical personnel which should now be fully focused on the COViD-19 patients .)

And it’s not necessarily that we as individuals cannot be trusted to practice good hygiene in public spaces being among a crowd. Rather it’s that this virus had been classified as being ‘slippery’ and ‘sneaky’ because of it’s characteristics, surface and airborne survival properties, and overall behaviour within our bodies ( post to follow soon.) It spreads really quickly, and aggressively; while only starting to show symptoms between day 4 – 12. There is evidence suggesting among us are ‘super spreaders’, which means some people are more ‘efficient’ than others at spreading viruses than getting influenced themselves. And with COVID-19 only showing symptoms from the 4th day of infection… that’s scary.

Super spreaders are difficult to be identified. >click< Who becomes a super spreader is both a combination of their own biology, the virus itself and the environment they are in. Some people’s immune systems allow them to carry the virus with few or mild symptoms. This means they will often move around and even travel long distances with the virus. Others, however, can suffer the opposite – heavy symptoms that cause them to sneeze and cough a lot, and so spread the disease more to those around them.
Thus the 2m social distancing part, between you and any one else of the public.

WHO (World Health Organization) is considering “airborne precautions“…after a new study showed the coronavirus can survive in the air in some settings. The coronavirus can go airborne, staying suspended in the air depending on factors such as heat and humidity for more than 4 hours. (Speculation even up to 8hours, however the most likely used term is ‘several hours’.) >click< and >click< The main culprit of transmission is still believed to be through coughing, sneezing and then touching of everything else. So keep washing them hands, please.

UPDATE : 28/03/2020 – NOT airborne (no aerosol properties.)

Read more about how children are rather vectors than victims in this case > click<

Self distancing is a way to keep our children, the sick and the elderly as safe as possible.>click<

Wash your hands, perhaps do a cleanse before entering your home after going shopping. Do what ever you can with the tools you have, to stay safe and keep others safe in return.

Let us keep ourselves sane through the three weeks to come (21 days). And know, globally, everyone is going through this because of some dweeps running an illegal operation behind the scenes at a Wet market …

Vox – talking about US President Trump wanting to remove the Social Distancing before Easter Weekend – too early Experts say, with proof from the past reflecting devastating results, should he succeed >click<

A good word from Bill Gates – smartest Philanthropist in my opinion >click<

These lock downs, shut downs, self quarantines and other – might be for longer than what we may initially have expected. It may be determined by seasonal changes, human movement, any factor of movement and surface texture or even air transmission through aerosol type properties…The fact is we don’t know for certain yet. What we can do for now is keep our distances, limit cross contamination, and live a hygienic contained lifestyle by [constantly] cleaning everything we touch. And then washing our hands again. >click<

WE ARE AT WAR, with a new virus we don’t know much about. Forget any sense of Normalcy, because this isn’t normal. We weren’t ready for this. What matters is how we deal with this, right now. Show compassion. You know kind-of what to expect. What do you, as a responsible, socially conscious human being, owe to your fellow men and women — particularly those who are sick, immunocompromised, and older? Are you breaking the social contract by going to yoga or jogging in the morning? >click<

“It is better to operate under the pretense that there is transmission in your community already. There’s going to be disruption to daily life, but we want people to feel empowered by this. The decisions you make will ultimately affect the trajectory of this outbreak.”

… a secondary pandemic of mental-health problems will follow. At a moment of profound dread and uncertainty, people are being cut off from soothing human contact. Hugs, handshakes, and other social rituals are now tinged with danger. People with anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorder are struggling. Elderly people, who are already excluded from much of public life, are being asked to distance themselves even further, deepening their loneliness… Incidents of domestic violence and child abuse are likely to spike as people are forced to stay in unsafe homes. Children, whose bodies are mostly spared by the virus, may endure mental trauma that stays with them into adulthood.

UPDATED EDIT : Friend, PLEASE share the information and help inform others about this Pandemic. Too many Others’ are panicking for the wrong reasons because of not knowing. Right now, WE are not necessarily keeping the precautionary self social distancing in mind, putting those around US, and the future at risk.

WATCH 1st day lock down at Alexandria RSA >click<
Everyone needs to know this.
This is part of our lives now…
We are already doing it wrong.

WATCH Trevor Noah speak to Dr. Fauci, American Physician about this outbreak and social distancing thing 26.03.2020 >click<

TOPICS to follow soon :

  • How online platforms can make the lock down bearable.
  • How resourceful are you NOW with your grocery supplies in comparison to your usual ‘normal’ usage. (Where you wasteful?)
  • When losing most of your Country’s older population, how will it influence the Culture, Traditions, and passed down knowledge?
  • How it feels, to realize we are part of a global Paradigm shift – the way of thinking and living is changing as we know it. The global emotion of Grief.
  • How to live within your home – in which you spent only a minimum amount of time, prior to the lock down (except for on weekends.)
  • More information and better understanding with regards to SARS-COV-2 ; COVID-19 and coronavirus. From the origins at Wuhan market, China – to the existing black market trade of Pangolians now going online : active strains found in live Pangolians >click< Where were they smuggled from?
  • I have a theory, South Africa’s Equine population had been suffering from African Horse Sickness for years. It’s seasonal, and pressumed to be carried by a midge during warmer seasons. Horses need be vaccinated 2x a year… What if, coronavirus transmuted from a midge being swallowed into the lungs by a human walking in Wuhan Wet Market, not necessarily the meat being eaten? Pressumed earlier cases are on China’s record [1Dec ’19] before the outbreak began 29Dec’19. Personal research project. ONLY a theory. NO PROOF – nor otherwise stipulated reason for this connection. I made a connection because both are related to respiratory failure and pneumonia, no proven vaccine only natural remedies to ease through the cycle.
  • There’s a hunt to find ‘patient zero’ of COVID-19, where things only get complicated. > click< It had been noted, that first cases with similar virus-like autopsies had been recorded in China on 1 Dec’19. These individuals had no connections with the Wuhan Wet Market activities, however had been neighbours or passer by’s. The outbreak started 29 Dec’19. I feel like a detective for accurate information…
  • Is this how great civilization empires got wiped out without a trace?
  • Much more…

It’s now your personal responsibility to do the best you can for Yourself, Family, Friends, and your common fellow human, to contain the spread of COVID-19. Keep keeping yourself informed with accurate news.
Let’s not fail the nation of South Africa. Let’s not fail ourselves as a species.



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