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There’s no April Fools’ this year
There’s no April Fools’ this year

There’s no April Fools’ this year

The sense of humour and pranking style left most empty handed this year. As almost everyone around the globe had their own form of lockdown and social distancing to adhere to. The tone entering into April had been more on the down side…

Don’t you feel part of the eye of the hurricane? Acting as an observer of the chaos ‘out there.’ Trying to find calm. Perhaps feeling a sense of safety within the own comfort of our home, for now. My thoughts are already jumping to when the cupboards are empty and a grocery run will need be made later next week. The constant preoccupation to keep oneself busy with something ( instead of eating the cupboards empty), while trying to remain positive within the dystopian circumstances we had found ourselves in.

I feel out of place, with a routine filtered through confusion and a loss of control. My humour is hanging out the window, my mind filled with all sorts of theories, what if’s, could’ves , would’ves, and Why now’s………

How was your first week? Had it been as bad as you had predicted, or was there a silver-lining? Did it feel like a surprise holiday break from work – no worries in the world? Or are you now sleeping worse, not knowing what to expect – as this is NOT NORMAL. This is unprecedented. And no one else will secure your future after this but you alone.

What did you do as preparation before lockdown?
Here’s the start of mine :

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