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That moment is gone now.
That moment is gone now.

That moment is gone now.

Time. The precedent commodity keeping everything on point day-by-day. The thing we all rush to have more off for experienced nothingness and relaxation. Time, keeping our responsibilities in check, and our projects running effectively. The difference between raw and overcooked and chewy. The difference between energized and groggy. The difference between spending time on valuable activities compared to loafing it away with useless distractions…

Do you live by alarm clock and snooze? Are you wishing your day away only to get your head on that pillow to rest and just not have to think anymore?

Too many times I’ve been reminded that hard-ships come and go, and are the actual things that make us who we are. Creating something beautiful from tragedy per se. Making the best out of a crappy situation. Don’t you just get tired of it? Seeing a kid throw a tantrum screaming about… Can’t I react that way every now and then just to express the truest emotion hidden inside? Wouldn’t you want to? To let go of control, and just let loose on your inner expression.

Never underestimate the power of Your mind.

Here’s to the crazies finding a way to fuel themselves with enthusiasm and excitement towards each day – no matter the hand dealt to them that day. There can always be a lil something to cause a smile : a beautiful bird, a flower, the scent of something or the sound of wind between the leaves. Do the effort, and find something beautiful, fascinating or interestingly complex to look at. Be amazed at how intelligently you can distract yourself from your day’s hardships – be it just for that one moment.

Escape the constant worry and that crave for control. Flow. Become lighter, even just for that one moment.

For a moment, do not underestimate yourself – but reflect with praise and pride. Observe the lessons guiding you on your path, and take ownership for the choices still unknown for the days to come. Trust, you’ll be doing the best you can as you’ve always done – and be reminded that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Find music, melodies, poetry, novels, films or other – to loose yourself within inspiration regularly. Be amazed how they may help you express, and manage your daily being more effectively.

Don’t forget about the actual individuals you know ( friends and family) and converse with them on an intimate level of connection. Don’t under estimate the power of understanding, touch, proximity and relatability.

Do everything you can do, in that moment, to come out the best You afterwards. Even if it’s just sitting there, looking at nothing in the distance. Not listening to anything, and not doing anything in particular. Just be, for that is enough.

Because once it’s gone, it’s back to reality and dealing with it.


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