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That moment when your golden nuggets start to reap in the rewards you so desperately worked through the midnight oils for… That moment, when your confidence gets boosted by repetition of good work ethic and daily practices, adding towards your experience of life by each moment.

It’s not every day you get to meet a freak of nature (F.O.N.’s) who seem to go beyond the extra mile to get work done, thoroughly. Their methods are usually unconventional, and their enthusiastic drive beyond personal belief. They seem to find the beauty of joy within each step or their process; adding value within each interaction both professionally and personally.

I find myself at a loss of words, how some others’ even when golden nuggets are served and shared on platters to them – refuse to dig deeper and change approaches accordingly towards success. They refuse to sacrifice some personal luxuries ( usually their time, or extra effort) to get ahead of the game.

It’s strange for me to observe, as I’m the type of character who’ll do everything I need to – to get the job done. Whether I’m asked or not (of course tracing through the relevant communication loops.) My work ethic and integrity I’m extremely proud of – and I fancy how You could show me how to do something, and I’ll do it better (or more efficiently,) soon. I can self-manage, which not many can say. And I’m resourceful.

What can be said about you?

Not gonna lie, it takes hard dedication, self-discipline and some sort of sacrifice, in order to get at the top of your Game. You will feel like you’d want to throw in the towel and quit; while in other moments you couldn’t have been happier within the experience you’ve had… It’s a matter of perspective, together with the particular mindset you usually use to interpret a circumstance.

Are you someone that needs to be spoon fed, or do you pave your own way? Do you need to keep busy or do you clock’off at 5pm? Do you ever make time for yourself? What about self-study in any useful subject? Or is it all based on relaxation, and prioritized responsibility-driven spontaneity?

Oe oe – how about when you’ve achieved all you’ve set to, and squeezed as much as you could in the day – and got to all the responsibilities… That moment, when you finally can do what you craved for (Visit Idol, my horse; start drawing again, do some gaming, read a book, cook, take some home-spa time, etc…); but the enthusiasm is gone out the window. All you can consider is just some quiet. No thinking.

Just silence. A space to cry, and breathe how ever you wanted to – even through a soundless scream. Just a moment of nothingness, to do and be nothing. To worry and think about nothing. To just be, in this moment.

To not have the need to smile and be alright. Not to be grateful for what you have or to consider how far you’ve come to get so far already. Just blippity blappity bhoop. Nothingness and carefree. Raw. Blank.

I guess, what I’m trying to share is be the best You can be within which ever circumstance you find yourself in. Be resourceful and get your hands on tools and tips-of-the-trade to improve what you have in the least amount of time. Don’t waste money, but don’t be stingy either. Be selfish and ensure you have some Me-time within your ever so busy schedule. Be brave to experience total alone immersion to get to know the one inside your head a bit better each day. And be willing to allow someone in on your story, at least some part of it.

Share your successes, failures and the processes inbetween. It’s these experiences that make us who we are, and influence how we do things. Take care with how you speak to yourself and others, and how you represent what you stand for. Take ownership of your work, and learn as you grow.

Do your part, and manage your time better. See what needs doing and what’s rather time spent louzing about, compared to creatively distracting your mind away from serious matters that could wait till tomorrow morning… Learn about the boundaries and become clear about your line.

Who knows what freak of nature you may turn out to be.


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