When you don’t know where to next…
When you don’t know where to next…

When you don’t know where to next…

Feeling stuck? Perhaps, you’ve just hit a plateau.

There’s this recurring advice to start romanticizing one’s daily life- from the smell of coffee, to the feeling of sunshine on your skin, to even appreciating the natural view on your daily commute.

It’s a matter of taking control and accountability for your thoughts, inner beliefs, and emotional reactions. It’s your responsibility to decide on something different, and as consequence perceive the beauty in every moment’s meaning.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s required to show up as best you can in every situation. No matter the circumstance or company.
80/20 is a lovely tool for reasoning when having to decide between keep going, or let’s do something else for now.

A golden nugget from Wayne Dyer, to encourage you to tread through Life a bit differently each day.

Should you need a helping scoot towards a direction, consider these:
🤨Be curious – What am I feeling? Why do I feel allowed to act and respond this way?
🧐In future – could I deal with it differently? And if so, or not; why, or why not? And what difference do I hope to make or avoid by doing so?
⏳These expectations and unmet timeframes or activities – are they required by higher ups (others in control) or are they underlaying nuances self-made to reason towards important standards (sense of achievement?)
🔍Why do I do things, the way I do them? What are the things that I do in general? Could some of these tasks be eliminated, deligated, or automated to free up some of this ‘pressure’m
👤Always remember your Why. The What, When and How will come as you go.

. ..
It’s all about the perception towards our next step forward.

May our blog post “Why live if not for Kindred Beauty?” help guide you as a start towards playing detective.
>link in bio, or >>http://www.interpriority.co.za/2020/02/29/why-live-if-not-for-kindred-beauty/

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