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What a way to start your Holiday!
What a way to start your Holiday!

What a way to start your Holiday!

It has been a while since sharing my thoughts. What can I say, life has a way to keep you busy. Yet, before we delve more into that, I have to admit how odd it felt to reminisce. to setting aside the necessary time and effort into inward thinking and analyzing of certain somethings. It’s easy to become distracted with answering the WHY of somethings. Easily losing track of the How, What and it’s overall influence on you and others.

2019 had been quite a year, hadn’t it? A bit Overwhelming trying to find meaning within it’s layers.

What a Schlep the end of 2019 had been though. From flashfloods for 8x days and no electricity for 5 of those… I really did get a kickstart into the holidays one week too early. What a Mess!

We recently needed to move ( by End October) and had been lucky to find this lovely home on a Plot, 22km away from my Office, spacious enough to house everything of ours ( our Narnia Antique, A0 size drawing board, 2x desks, bed, space for 4x personalities and all our adopted plants etc.). It fit snugly into our budget, and allowed me to be closer to my horse (Idol.) As you can note, plenty of opportunity.

Our area does not receive municipal services with regards to waste management and disposal from households. Which actually came as a shock -as I never bothered to ask. It had been a silent expectation for residential living that such services existed even on plots. Wrong. Even though I had personally been intrigued to recycle, repurpose, reuse, buy smarter, and all that. It’s one thing to fantasize about it, another to be forced within the circumstances and actually have to Deal.With.It.

A month later (End November), My workplace temporarily closed their doors for relocation in PTA early 2020 – which meant instead of being 22km away from office, it’s now 70km to our nearest Showroom.

Self discipline and an Accountability Buddy, helped us to fall into grove and new routine to accommodate 9-5h, travelling, client servicing and packing ( and unpacking,) in between multiple arrangements. There had been my birthday as well. Cake baking session Tradition.

Yet, as mentioned above and as luck would had it – before we closed our doors for the Festive Holidays extreme rainy weather had been forecasted together with Loadshedding across Gauteng. It rained so much, the ground couldn’t absorb anymore, and the water had been streaming forcefully across the open velds. Downhill streams. The amount of water and force had been so much on the 5th day it had flooded our low bridge crossing, blocking our only access leading towards civilization.

At the time, our gas situation had not yet been sorted ( we had the 9kg bottle, yet neglected to fill it to use our stove.) We experienced loadshedding the Monday at 5pm, only to have it return on Friday 1pm. Due to all the rain, ground shifted near the newest residential development across the highway. The force crushed the inground cables and needed replacement. Cutting all power to our region. Remember, they first needed to identify where the problem could have been. Took them 5 days to fix. I missed sale-closing opportunities to make target, and the company’s end year function. Completely out of character for me.

This unforseen, freaky, uncomfortable circumstance lend itself to communal gatherings among residents,as without power – our freezer couldn’t keep our chicken and veggies fresh – and they had the braai, wine and good company (hehe). We also needed our morning coffee. And then there was this void of forced nothingness and boredom. Unable to communicate to the workplace and family; nor connect with the interwebs. We were forced to be on holiday a week early this December.

Tranquility, limited resources, good people and the fresh air – kindly allows for different perspectives and ideas to be inspired. Because, as we were experiencing and dealing with our mini natural disaster at home, the world had continued spinning as the clock ticked.

WE ARE WHERE WE NEED TO BE, even though it had been a dodgy start.

Good people make good company. I’ll only worry about the sales- tactics again once 2020’s hits.

This post is the first of a new chapter for interPRiority.

Hope you enjoyed.


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