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How many sides to a coin?
How many sides to a coin?

How many sides to a coin?

Strange how fast time can fly when forced by an industry to take long periods of leave around December / January. It called for much needed reflection on what had happened in the past year. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly. To identify much needed 2mm changes for improved outcomes as we glide into the year 2020. Personally and Professionally. Having goals, is one thing. Finding the time to manage and organize them all, now THAT’s a completely different story.

I am a busy-body-&-mind kinda person, finding it difficult to ‘switch off’ from one segment to another fluently. Because I suck at it, I tend to work till late at night; procrastinate until I’ve found a moment of inspiration and encouragement; and then become upset as I did not progress as far as I had hoped, nor have the result turn out as expected.

Yet, on the other side of the coin I am so onPAR with my Sales Profession and interactions with clientelle that people have been saying “You work too hard… “;”You need to take a break.”; “You go through too much trouble…”; let alone, the effort I’m doing is what had been required to make a success out of sales in the first place.

Then, add some more coins when it comes to horse riding and training; art; research; design development; cooking; gardening; relaxing; pampering… I might be chasing more than one rabbit at this time; However, what your’e not seeing is the fact that I’m gradually still treading into the right direction of where I want to be in the Grandiose scheme of things.

Imagine having to go through school one subject at a time from start to finish; instead of multiple time slots for different subjects all gradually leading towards the bigger picture of graduation. Time, boredom, over stimulation, loss of passion… Oh, that 1x subject scenario is as mundane as ever, wouldn’t you agree?

With this CATCH22 representing itself in both personal and professional capacities – I’m considering to wing-it this year. Followed by some basic ground rules for guidance. A bit more free-spirited than structured. Allowing much more space for self expression, the release of tension and stress, limiting the existence of over thinking and the encouragement to the enjoyment of moments spent alone first, then those spent with others anywhere else.

I have one week to put the groundwork in place. Let’s Go!

Should you have enjoyed this quick read, and had experience something similar. Please share with us your thoughts on which guidelines you had used for your successes; or anything else related to self expression and still moving forward. We’d love to hear from you.


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