Are you what you eat?
Are you what you eat?

Are you what you eat?

It’s not everyday one gets to notice personally, what it means when your mind has to be stronger than your body at times. Between what it means when your body is actually stronger than your body and the possible effects it may have on You…

It had been an extensive exercise to get myself informed as to what’s been happening with my body and it’s reactions towards particular foods. It’s taken working through our pantry for breakfast, lunch and dinner – identifying as we go along, until now where we basically live on basics.

I’m terrified to say the least as everything I love and enjoy, and crave and appreciate, has my body reactive in hives at particular areas across my body. From ankles, calves knees, to hips, elbows and shoulders. Not to mention 🙁 I’m unable to really enjoy my most favourite pizza at RSH without allergex and tummy calmative. Living on allergex cannot be healthy, yet it remains helpful and tolerable. I remain rattled, with perhaps zero confidence in a meal more than something plain and simple – which still isn’t as safe as I’d hoped for…

Neuropathy – with Dr. mentioning I need to slow down. I’ve been resonating too much for too long within a high alert energized state. I need to learn to have my mind and body relaxed… We aren’t fighting the lion all the time. I’m to keep a diet journal, noting when was what eaten; and should there be a reaction jot down the time and type in detail for future analysis. I’m my own science experiment yet again. As if Lockdown and it’s many mental games weren’t enough to work through already…

I’m so over this. Let’s take a deep breath, and slowly sigh it out.
I’m excited to share we’ll be making our first grocery shopping of eco products and pantry essentials within the next two weeks. Firstly, shopping online I do prefer, compared to walking in shopping isles these days. Secondly, I can research the product I’m looking at and really consider benefits and downfalls of the purchase. And having reviews on hand had been extremely helpful. @unwrappedco You’ll be hearing from me soon ☺ Thirdly, taking a bit more time initially, it may save me loads of travelling in the long run. ☺

This took my time to figure out. My mental strength, emotional intelligence, and plentiful grit and some others. I may not have had much sleep, and my pens and hand may have shared there own concerns; I found and made the time to find out to take care about me. YES< 9-5h is a galactic responsibility during these times, and I do admit it eats at me lately. (Check another post later on that.) Not to mention neglected priorities of Idol, chores, groceries, time for family and friends – not to mention the total neglect on Self Study Mastery of Straightness Training and any other form of creativity…

I’ve starting to look at recipes which includes LOW histamine ingredients. How sadly odd life’s become indeed. I’m a health geek. One of those… And I might as well be an eco one while at it. Let’s just hope this works. Perhaps, an investment towards a soup pot, to stoke my own Bone Broth, and organic digestive tonic to ensure I at least give my own bodily system all the nutrients it needs. Forcing myself to shut down and sleep. (More on that later as well.) Have any favourite recipes? Share them please!

So yes, perhaps you are what you physically eat at particular times of day and sequence and portions and and… But also, what you feed yourself as mental talk, what’s being fed from you expressed by your environment, what you choose to focus on, and some others.

Again, let’s breath in…

This is going to be complicated.


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