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Divided we stand together | Globally
Divided we stand together | Globally

Divided we stand together | Globally

Had you been aware of Bill Gates’ warning and informative expression with regards to similar and predictable pandemics to this COVID-19, which he shared in 2015? >click and click< They may not look the same, but they are similar in some aspects with example, the casualties that are unbelievably disastrous. And scary. And beyond our control. And being compared to the controlled disaster management experienced at Chernobyl >click , click and click ,click < it makes you wonder whether something like this could have been avoided should we all have been working together, all of us on this mud ball.

How different the world would have been should we have taken note of the particular things, setting up the precautionary measures to ensure a global health standard worth being proud of. How different the world would have been should we have heeded to correct management standards and policies across the board of any company and country. How different the world would have been, should the individuals believed that their actions matter! And that they too, can influence great change no matter how complicated the circumstance.

Z & I used to joke about how we as a species are the greatest pollinator ( be it through movement, by thought of expression or by the use of our opposable thumbs.) Yet, in contrast, our self made restrictions and unintentional prevention of cross pollination may just be our downfall. What a paradox. Only one of our late night theories. ( Trees being invested in CPT due to unintentionally imported beetles. >click |Cape Town Invasive Species, Facebook < )

We’ve been experiencing so many tragedies >|BLOG|< I’m amazed we had not seen the warning signs earlier. We were going so fast, racing against one another to be the first on top. We are constantly thrilled by the dodgy, at the perfect cost always. Why is that?

Here I ask you today, where’d your sense of control go, taking how things are now?
Where’s that sense of safety, assertiveness and security we once had?
What had replaced that feeling? Or is it still there, but barely influential?

I must admit, I personally – am a bit overwhelmed. Like, what else? It’s only the 3rd month of 2020… Not that I want to jinx anything. But what else could be thrown at me to make things crappier. I thought I would have a break through in selling and prospecting, making target and having an extra penny within the next month or so. Only for a moment to breath, and not constantly have to plan and worry how we’ll make it this month. AND THEN THIS HAPPENS…?!?!

Recession everywhere, Global Financial Catastrophe.

NOW, is the most crucial time where AUTHENTIC information is of utmost importance; with the expression of compassion to one another. With that being said, it’s important to keep a level head when browsing and researching about sensitive topics to ensure the information shared is valuable, accurate, and informative to the greater good.

I’ve been confused by news having been ripped in two opinions with regards to the severity of COVID-19 [‘Slippery’ as it mutated into strain L from strain S. Even though strain L is not that common, it’s a lot more aggressive. Fun fact for now – a blog post for another day.] Most cases being mild, and self-isolation manageable; compared to the other critical cases requiring hospitalization and intensive care to survive. This inherently influenced a divide among our population with some already locking themselves up and minimizing contact with others since last week already. Compared to the others who still have a casual thought about this pandemic, not understanding the urgent nature of the topic. > click – Trevor Noah <

My thoughts leaped to those with TB and those who are HIV-positive, not with necessary medical care, here in South Africa. My thoughts are with everyday society who had been running so hard and fast trying to keep up with a system ( which is now collapsing hard) just to find that having had no medical aid or hospital plan for medical support purposes – you are kinda screwed on this one... My heart goes out to those on the streets, with no one and no where to go to.

I am one of those with no medical financial support back-up plan.
My circumstances prior to this one, still hadn’t allowed for it ( Home, food, water, electricity and my job travelling and requirements took priority. Ya know ? Working-to-be-able-to-go-to-work kinda lifestyle) Luckily, we’d been able to dose up on healthy vitamins, restrictive travelling habits and moved communications to mainly online contact. What more can we do with a financial business model that is rapidly trying to keep up with the pandemic cost?

I used to think what a mundane way to live… Having earlier gone through a reflection exercise to reminisce the journey of the past 3 years, not much had really changed in circumstances. Of course mentally I had been enriched, I look different, I talk different and wear different clothes. I know different people, and interPRiority’s content is much further developed than it had been in those years. But overall grandeur – it’s been the same thing day in and day out. How we heard ourselves joke about someone needing to press the button, just for excitement and to shake the system for a lil bit. Who knew – Thanos’ glove would get snahpped- bringing us together across the globe, to this moment in time. To this global similarity. Now here we are. Something we’ve all been hoping for.

Are you happy? Are you scared?
Do you feel safe? Do you feel prepared?
Perhaps you are at a cross-road divided between our former concerns for global politics and trade, compared to our localized-global fear and safety of our health as a species. (Of all ages, even though the elderly and the sick seem to be getting the bad reactions of the coronavirus.)

🎶 B r a v e N e w W o r l d – Kalandra >click< 🎶
I don’t believe our concerns are necessarily here any more. At least for now.

People are dying before their time.
Saddest part to this – they wouldn’t have, should all of the living human beings on Earth had proposed and exercised activities for the greater good of everyone, and not that of personal gain.

More to come soon, thank you for your time.


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