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My Official first Chapter to Zero Waste Living
My Official first Chapter to Zero Waste Living

My Official first Chapter to Zero Waste Living

The consideration to change a lifestyle is either fueled by circumstance ( finance, family, work) or by passion ( personal goals, drive, motivation or dreams.) Quite rarely, the change is effectively considered and applied because it has to be done. Either natural resources can’t keep up with our demand, or you just end up simply not being able to afford the particular luxuries. What an inconvenience though – this unrelentless pressured truth that within a wasteful society, we are indeed destroying nature. Our livable environment.

A lifestyle should be considered as one of the most valuable tools the public has. It enables us to cripple the destructive and greedy nature of the Supply and Demand principles keeping the global economical system afloat.

“You have to become someone who can face rejection without rejecting yourself.”

Only this morning (after having written content for this post for a while now…) a wonder-light-bulb moment struck home when my eyes caught an Instagram post from @witanddelight, which elaborated a bit more on the above quote – with direct relation to People Pleasing. She explained how she would give up what was best for her health, for the approval of someone she barely knew.

How often do you catch yourself willing to go the extra mile for family and friends be it a lunch treat, time spent entertaining, cooking, traveling; to taking care of someone, being a shoulder to lean on, give more advice to, or anything else…? Perhaps you’ve caught yourself delving into a higher level of attention you’d like presenting through your work of product design, art, craft, or creation towards your audience. What about personalized services developing and identifying whether your proposition is the best solution for a target-client-persona? I’m talking about the perseverance in attitude, guarding your every move with respect and dignity – not showing a hint of weakness or dislike anywhere within the presence of the other. In person, mobile or online. Willing to slack on our own personal care to keep up with the bar standard that’s set so high within the situation. Almost at an all time high performance characteristic. Not daring to make one mistake, as you’ll never know how explosive the other individual may be as direct result from your reaction. Or the lack there off.

Within a culture driven by instant gratification, it’s difficult to unnotice how businesses had to reshape themselves to cater for the public individual. An economy is driven by money from people spending time buying and selling stuff, all over the world. Who themselves had to do something similar in order to obtain the money in the first place. We could go into the psychology of the buying persona and learn how people value things; or we could learn about the meaning of colour and object hierarchy on a webpage or withing a retail space – anyway, it’s everywhere on the interwebs. It relates to the reason why YOU’d end up buying the stuff you do : whether you need it, or may just end up liking it, Or, your act of purchase could save the planet. It’s all a sense of nostalgia.

We are a species, who currently destroys its own habitat in order to accommodate its rightful needs for food, water, shelter and clothing. Instead of adapting to what is naturally available around us, in careful moderation.

All in the name of having a right, being presented as modest, for the sake of convenience, or the display of style and exciting luxuries; the ever present propaganda, the sense of pride, your heart’s belief compared to your pocket’s affordability; and others. The list can go on.

As explained within an earlier post of mine, we recently moved away from town. Circumstances lead to us having to manage our own throw away waste and recycling, our own gas cooking, limited access to grocers and online connectivity issues at times. I have always had a passion and an observational eye for Zero Waste Living, and considered touching a bit of it whilst still living in town. The convenience of municipal services collecting your weekly waste, with the bin-picker recyclers making use of the split garbage bags – it has no comparison towards having to deal 100% with everything. From your natural waste, the plastic packaging, milk cartons, cardboard backing and tin holders. Not to mention the glass and cleaning detergent holders, cotton wool&buds and as a woman – sanitary pads. I’ve become a hoarder – carefully sorting everything, while hunting for a long term solution that’s both convenient and environmentally useful while not necessarily adding costs towards a monthly bill. There is order in this madness, I think.

There’s no use with me personally dumping this waste at a site, with no guarantee that my recycling efforts won’t be in vain. This indirectly forced us to reconsider the way we buy and use things – because WE have to deal with it later. Be it composting, reusing, re-purposing, or anything else – before we even consider it as a wasteful product.

Modern society, and the economical rhythm does not make this easy, nor have much sympathy with you going through it. That’s where grit, passion, circumstance, and collaboration with a helping and encouraging hand comes in. There’s opportunity in everything should you be willing to look and be open to it with an optimistic perspective.

This is a journey and a lifestyle in the making. I know I am not perfect, and not one household ever is. It’s about finding balance within the chaos while still drifting towards the goal post ever so gently. Between the madness, I discovered a good starting point from @goingzerowaste. Kathryn’s hard efforts for the starting individual to living and buying Zero Waste had been priceless information to read through. I’m using it as a guideline should I be stuck or struggling with something on my side. The information she’d shared had been applicable and tweak-able in my circumstance, even though it had already been written in 2016, four years ago. Relevant information doesn’t date, it’s all about your application and interpretation of it as you want to use it. Also, this is about changing your daily life’s rhythm into a healthier one. She’s definitely still doing it. I enjoyed the following two posts about trash and the avoidance of trash yesterday, yet she has many more content to float through. Be sure to have a look.

I get goosebumps though – when I notice local entrepreneurs stepping up to the challenge. Referring to both @unwrappedco’s Marlies from Johannesburg and then @livingeco’s Jen and Hubby from CPT – I’ve only had the privilege to observe them in 2019, and would like to change that this year with a bit more interaction to build on familiarity. From accumulating environment friendly products and produce, to reusable everyday stuff with character and spunk.

Attempting a Zero Waste lifestyle may not be the easiest, but it’s the most eye opening and rewarding experience. To Know, and have a little bit of control with beauty – instead of living at the hand of another.

“You have to become someone who can face rejection without rejecting yourself.”

The power and influence you have as an individual is easily underestimated. The same may be said about the influence of others on you. Your habits, way of living and product use all have direct influences towards your health, money spending, time spending, and overall cost of getting through each month for your household, as well as The economy.

Don’t do things to please others, especially not when it would upset and cross a few of your own personal boundaries and rules. Yet to do so, takes to knowing yourself, which will grant you the strength to make better choices in 2020 and stand up for yourself when it is called for.

You could call me a People Pleaser. I find it extremely difficult being strict to people or to say anything that would cause them discomfort or hurt. I would agree to unrealistic expectations enforcing late nights, a few burnouts to keep up with the high standard set for client service and design. No matter the personal cost, work needed doing. Clients’ needed pleasing.
And so am I.

The determination is driven by the hope that Yes, I want to be liked by every person I’m privileged to meet but No, I do NOT want to repeat the past which had been expressed here in my post earlier in April 2019. There is no need for me to hurt, let alone any other individual. Manage the expectation with clear communication and ethical essence. As deep down, I will always remain the softest marshmallow – able to spot manipulation a mile a way, yet afraid (hesitant) to call it out. For 2020, I have the expectation to induce healthier relationships with clearer boundaries on attitudes and expectations that are tolerable and enthused with spontaneity to keep our Souls young and workplaces interesting.

I’d like to live a healthier lifestyle through means of shopping, cooking, eating and growing of environmentally friendly alternatives. While sharing insights gained as bonuses along the way with others, in the format of interesting storytelling ( blog posts) for every day people to read and take note of at both personal and professional levels. Be it at lunch, in the evening when you’re open for inspiration, or whenever you felt like letting your mind wonder.

Join me on this journey as I hope to also inspire You to take charge, to influence change through valuable connections in information, and to act with collaborative individuals.

Be brave with me, please?


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