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How about 12 years of Friendship?
How about 12 years of Friendship?

How about 12 years of Friendship?

No one really prepares you for what your journey may entail as an Equestrian, be it from horse lover to horse owner and competitor. Keeping that in mind and really consider the experience I have had with my 15 yo 16.1h TB gelding – my relationship with him is one of the most dynamic ones I had ever been lucky to have. From fitness competitive junkies, able to fall into a strict fitness routine; to having been sucked into the 9 – 5h rat race limiting my time and energy spent on Idol to a bare minimum ( if anything at all.) This bare minimum had been fueled with nasty commentary that my horse would last me two years only(that’s 5 years ago) due to his legs and confirmation. The suggestion early retirement – a.k.a. garden ornament requiring only patting and cleaning… Strictly no riding.

We are currently stabling at Rosemary Hill Farms, and it had been an absolute blessing since moving here in 2018. From specializing care and diets specifically towards each equine, to catering for each of their natural needs as herd animals on a daily basis. This yard has the facilities for both owner and equine to enjoy their curiosities to their fullest potential.

Our relationship did have its highs and lows since before joining RSH, from the most recent development of headshaking and finding Monty Roberts and N1 breathing Technique; to signing up as a Straightness Training 2020 Mastery student and learning about opening a dialogue between us, to understand the way forward together. Bringing the best out of him for the next few years we have together, in the most comfortable way possible. It has been an increasing supportive journey, finding the right individuals who aren’t Whiney Lil Bitches, but take dedication and guidance seriously.

There is of course his left hind phleg leg to consider that keeps flaring up (be it with the heat of the shift within his COM) and his over compensated Natural Asymmetry with the loss of condition in his bum and back; allowing for a stiff hip and shoulder… It’s really, never a dull day.

I’m learning to observe the right things, and ask the right question whilst searching for a connection my horse and I, as well as between others at the yard. The way Idol seems more excited and open for training, really makes my heart skip a beat! It’s now only the silly extremities we need sorting out for comfortable riding. There is reason in this madness with light at the end of the tunnel !

I’d love to share our story with you as we go along. From ground work to leisurely strolls in the veld. From actively attempting to have a dialogue or sharing some silly “aha” moments with you. Keep an eye out!

Should anything resonate with you, do share your thoughts!


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