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What it feels like to influence Design and Services
What it feels like to influence Design and Services

What it feels like to influence Design and Services

So far, I have survived 100% of my worst days.
The remarkable reality of one’s growth and constant improvement, is always ever present whether we actively attend to it or not. That is why it’s so important to have healthy habits, and a personalized GPS to your true north of tolerance – to help guide you towards control when having to make decisions under any (difficult) circumstances.

Trust me, it really does help to start off this year on an excellent note :

Thank you so much Ruejean for all your efforts over this time, it has been a pleasure working with you.
Your professionalism and attention to detail is to be admired and respected.  (Wish there were more like you)
Thanks again, we will keep you updated with progress, And send you  some pictures. 🙂  
” K.U. DBN

A kind reminder, a quick share of gratitude letting you know – Good job, Keep doing what you are doing. You are on the right track. What ever you are doing, keep doing it – it’s working.

Not often do we find ourselves ( let alone our clients’) share our gratitude towards one another. To share heartfelt compliments to brighten someone else’s day; or even just your own moment in time, with a simple positive thought.

Then there’s also being involved with the design brief, take for instance this bachelor’s bathroom below. It had been an exciting project revitalizing an aged 1 bedroom with study apartment into a refreshed, modern industrial every-day retreat. Developing the brief with Mr S.M. PTA involved using our newest Cabrio Siena Woodlook tiles, Bianco Eden 600x600mm matt and nonslip beige colour combinations and the white metro tiles as the kitchen splashback. Truly exciting when things come well together. I mean, clients feel comfortable enough to share their progress on site as their own expectations are being met! I’m clearly doing something right. (The plan is to personally visit the site too– YAY!)

Of course, I have been curating solutions for both professional and the public, for WOMAG a lil over three years now.

I back my suggestions with an education and experience in Design and Architecture; allowing for deeper insights, questioning and understanding towards your project

I have had fun developing a variety of methods hitting the ground running when and as needed, allowing me to save my clients any heartache when it comes to tile procurements,.

No matter the project size : new built or renovation, corporate or commercial or hospitality; be it only a bathroom or that of a complete office block’s indoor and outdoor tiles; a retail lobby; kitchen splashback; a server top; an island; a feature wall; our swimming pool… Pretoria, Johannesburg, Vaal, Standerton, Rustenburg, Hartebeespoort Dam, Groblersdal, Nelspruit, Polokwane, Durban, Knysna : only to name the one’s I personally had been involved with.
Oh and let’s not forget the assistance across our SA Borders too!

We help save time with regards to sourcing that perfect tile solution at a price that makes it WORTH IT!

So, you’re in for a wonderful experience.

It’s exhilarating when a project runs smoothly. Why not have more of them?

I am all about the experience and work ethic. What drives You out of bed every morning?

My name’s Ruejean, and I’m a kickass consultant!


Tiles : @WOMAG_ZA & CTM

Journaling Questions :
What are you greatful for today? (Do this every day. max 5 sentences, minimum 2)
Take a moment of silence to really think and appreciate the small things. Every day is another opportunity to see something new and exciting. Time to open your eyes.

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