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How present are you in each moment?
How present are you in each moment?

How present are you in each moment?

When we start to think about who we are and who we’d like to be, there’s an ever present thin line between getting closer to our Self-Understanding and that of our Self-Sabotage.

We spend every day in our head interpreting stuff through the lens of experiences, perceptions, beliefs, tolerance, expectations, and others… Should you not mind me asking, do you honestly like who You are? Would you say you are proud of yourself? Perhaps, how true in character are you when among your peers compared to your family or formal management? What are the stories about you people will tell behind your back? How vulnerable do you allow yourself to become during interactions with others ? Are you different, everywhere, depending on the situation?

|Do you truly listen when someone else has something to say?
|Or does your mind often wonder to more interesting places?
|Have you caught yourself misinterpreting the intentions of another before?
|How about living in the world of assumptions and taking things personally?
|Are you the one who gives a part of yourself to everyone you are lucky enough to meet?
|Or are you the one always taking what ever you can, no matter the cost from everyone else?
|Is it often that you catch yourself wishing you’d done something differently way back when?
|Did you even achieve much when you were younger?
|Oh better yet, would the younger You be proud of the You you are now?
|How did it feel when you gave yourself to a conversation and a particular experience?
|Do you frequently connect with others?
|And when you do, how deeply does the interaction resonate with you afterwards?
|Are you more of a vibrant personality ( extroverted) or a reserved individual flourishing with limited stimuli ( introverted)?
|Do you enjoy spending time alone or among others?

To find deeper appreciation for myself, I had been spending most of 2020 within my own mind. I’ve considered sharing these as a means of forewarning. A Headz-up : That it takes time to discover all of you within the perspective of new found knowledge and inspirational gratitude. During this time, it may feel to you, as if it’s only a distraction keeping you from actually getting the “real things” done. To some degree that is actually true. When we are not careful, the above mentioned-like considerations would be loosely classified as over thinking. Pffft, as if wasting time when hunting for deeper understanding and reasoning. These perceptions happen all too often, misconstruing the meaning behind the process.

A conversation does not have to be a harrowing experience. Especially, when referring to the one you have with yourself. To have a good conversation does not mean to always be in agreement with the other party, but most times rather challenge their perception into learning something new and evolving their knowledge to something inspirational.

Honestly, I’d love to know what makes you You, as much as I want to know what makes me Me. It takes honesty and high levels of appreciation for vulnerability to seep through each interaction, causing authenticity in character exchange. You need to be brave and courageous to discover the character of your true capabilities and limitations. You get to choose who you are today, with the respect and gratitude that as time goes by things can only get better. Be reminded that a mindset can kill a man, or make him the most powerful being alive.

It all depends on what you tell yourself.


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