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“Don’t fall behind” they said.
“Don’t fall behind” they said.

“Don’t fall behind” they said.

We all know that creeping feeling as a deadline gets closer, and we start evaluating all the things that need be done before then. Panic usually settles in shortly after, over evaluating and making sacrifices – all for the sake of catching up. Hoping to keep quality standard high throughout the process.

Of course, all of this usually comes down to failure to plan and do time management. Also, don’t forget the deep understanding required for a task at hand to ensure most efficient time had been spent for the most effective result every single day as an opportunity for improvement. Never ending tweaking and adjusting of an approach ever present.

” Time = Life. Therefor waste your time, waste your life . Or master your time and master your life ” |Alan Lakein

I’d rather say, don’t miss out on opportunities. Meaning, do what ever you must to stay aware and open to observing the process of redefining the purpose, and execute the necessary effort into its direction. Which can be a bit of an overwhelm when having to start prioritizing things, especially when ‘everything is important’ and needs doing right now.

Sometimes, there’s a difference in falling behind & losing time( therefore never being able to fully catch up without missing important snippits); to taking the time needed to clarify the scope while defining your perception of expectations,( allowing you to speed rocket through the work need doing in a most effective way.) It’s up to you to decide which it is you are doing at any given time, and adjust your attitude accordingly.

I’m a true hot head when it comes to panic stations and over reactions at times. I used to dread using time to revise old notes, critically think about improvements, and then do the effort to get-to-the-doings on the double. All within the same amount of planning and timeslots while improving things I’m already actively doing. This high stress environment and technique definitely is different from person to person, and no real fun to be in.

Turns out, I subconsciously avoid doing recon during the reporting session for each week. I feel drenched and tired at the end, every time – I couldn’t find the energy to positively analyse the way going forward anymore. By doing so, I started assuming a perspective that I’m not doing enough and need to kick up the gear to get going harder. Ever so closer gaining ground towards a burnout with more dedication with the wrong intent. Too tired to catch the opportunities or even encourage them to surface during my interactions with others.

My priority filter still requires adjustment to accommodate newly structured frameworks and processes to help manage the time spent on each requested task to ensure the most profound results at the end of the day… Professionally AND PERSONALLY.

To not procrastinate. To do the uncomfortable work. To actually get up and DO IT. No matter what. We need to know that each opportunity grants a lesson for success. It’s up to our optimism to make it work. The overwhelm will dissipate at least a lil bit with some sort of structured framework in place. Don’t miss time – those are windows of opportunity you won’t get back. Time doesn’t stop for anyone – it doesn’t care. Find the chaotic balance that works for you. As you become more comfortable with the doing – you can add more of it to your day. Not any time sooner.

Mastering your energy and your emotions – which have direct influence into your habits and interactions with others around you – start by taking baby steps forward. It takes a lot of work inside your own mind, to understand how to implicate change within your physical environment of doing, to regain balance.

Are you falling behind? Re-root, revise and restructure the plan going forward. Have a quick think about what worked and what (honestly) didn’t and adjust your future dedication accordingly. I utilised Marijke de Jong’s Mastery wheel presented in Straightness Training Mastery modules; which helped me identify the following:

It’s about mastering your time and relationships which will give you unlimited resources for growing and contributing. ” We GROW so we have something to GIVE.” Contributing and spiritual fulfillment is linked with the enjoyment of feeling inner calm, strength, pride and then also enjoying your unique authentic self.” All are possible with the selfless kindness we are able to express within our daily living and interactions.

It’s allowed me not to feel overwhelmed, freaked or stressed out. Rather to feel in control but not in control as my perspective had changed. The moment I realized I had not been falling behind, but rather, subconsciously still worked my way closer to the goal; had me feeling a high sense of self accomplishment. Aha! I’m still on track. Ever so slowly, but on track non-the-less. The achieving of balance with an overall attitude that what ever I am doing, I am doing to the best of my capabilities. While ever so presently tweaking and developing my framework principles as I thread forward into this unknown territory of experimentation and living in the flow.

So, the next time when you fall behind, think about this Master Plan and Dynamic Strategy : allow yourself to GAIN the confidence to know where to start and where to go and what to do when – at any given point of progress. Have support, and be the support you may need – or reach out to respective individuals when further inspiration and motivation is required. Know which masters you’d like to learn from, and exercise pride and grit to try and do it just as great. Yet, make it unique to you.

My new perspective is that I do not fall behind anymore( The list is ever growing in any case.) It’s more about knowing what needs doing by when – understanding lost time means lost opportunities you’ll never get back. And to practice discipline – controlling your reactions while understanding your interpretation or assumption about a certain something can change a lot of things. I’m OK with that, are You?


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