Grateful for 2020
Grateful for 2020

Grateful for 2020

Yes, this year had been quite something; and it’s time to reflect back and highlight the good stuff.

For starters, it’s been lil over a year now since moving away from the suburbs. Ever since, I’ve had to add extra time to my travelling on the road, I had to manage my own time and productivity while working from home, and the unexpected power outages are as annoying as ever.

I won’t lie to you, here near the end it was kind of touch-and-go trying to keep up with momentum and wrapping up the year as best possible between clients and everything else.

We’ve learnt about good coffee through Jeff Hoffmann, while entertaining guests at our home for lovely TLC and quality time spent. Together with trying out new foods and methods of dining and sourcing of household products, all the while playing investigator to bodily freakout sessions.

My fitness levels had no choice but to improve, as dairy and sugar had been cut out of my diet. ( Developed Histamine intolerance) It goes much deeper than that, having to keep a food journal and all – but together with physical exercise when walking my horse and doing some riding… It all adds up to a toned body. I like it! Don’t get me wrong though, I hate not being able to just munch at anything as I wished, without consequence. Yet, love looking good. Yet hate the fact that nothing fits me well anymore, and that there’s no extra pennies to update the wardrobe.

Being squeezed like a lemon on too many an occasion, needed to happen I guess.

To learn, to adjust and make changes. To help another, and then do it all differently for the better. From adapting to new routines, having to then deal with new time – and waste managements, together with realizing the impact of mental health and it’s overall influence of others within our daily lives…

Yup, this year was truly something.

From having connected on a much more deeper level with my clientelle relationships, to the type of project involvement and inspired brave design, ending off with wonderful reviews and end result images to be admired. It’s difficult to grasp that we’ve done as best we could with the resources we had on hand. Next year, can only be better.

Looking back, I’d like to highlight the following 10x posts worthy of our attention:

Can I be real with you for a minute?

interPRiority had reached over 1456 of active readers to our monthly posts – and we’d like to thank each of our contributors and subscribers who’ve been inspired by our content.

As you may know, this blog is curated part-time / in spare time (as I do have a full-time job else where.) While it had been tricky keeping up with social media such as instagram and facebook – we promise to amp up our game, to inspire you to join us on our instagram : @interpriority and also facebook.

It would be lovely to get to know the faces finding meaning in our work. As there’s always value somewhere, should you be willing to look. This platform is meant to be unexplainable and fitting all in one.

I’m greatful to have survived this year, and have been able to keep up creating – no matter how delayed or uninspired it seemed at a particular point in time. An outlet of self expression is a definite must have, and I hope to utilise the mentioned platforms more effectively to engage with you, my audience, and share more meaningful layered content.

Yet as we all know, life does happen and within a high pressured environment and diversified priorities, it does get tricky.

This is me, sucking it up and making the choice, that I will be different next year. And that next year will be different. And here’s to doing things better in 2021!

Will you join me?


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