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A glimpse of our reflection.
A glimpse of our reflection.

A glimpse of our reflection.

I think we all have had quite a busy few weeks since returning back to the office earlier in January 2020. Thinking back, I’ve really been enjoying the buzz; as well as finding the time to reflect and implement new tactics for optimal results with the same time available.

My personal lifestyle, however, did take a knock whilst the professional side started booming. The idea that 2020 represented an exciting opportunity to study into the Straightness Training Mastery Academy ( to help Idol,) has me scuffling in my seat because our first Master Mind session is in two days – and I’m 30x emails out, AND haven’t seen Idol in two weeks…

Being a part of the study group have had its perks – like minded individuals from such a variety of backgrounds. It’s really a remarkable group of people in one space. What had been sad earlier in Feb though, was that our first workshop rained out 🙁 I’ve already swapped my weekends around; preventing me to ghu-ghu anything up to be available for any of the others before this master mind. Such a bummer… Mood kill… Disappointment.

Not to mention to find the time to sit and reflect. I don’t know what to expect next; yet I’m always grateful with how things turn out. Learning that sometimes you have to save yourself first, in order to inspire the world to save themselves.

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interPRiority seems to be heading into a general good direction of self-discovery. Are you intrigued with this journey as much as we are ?We’re curious, share with us what had resonated most with you so far.

Yes, we’d love to get to all other exciting stuff as well; but alas I have learnt, what ever shows relevance will be evident to you the moment you’re ready for it. For now, work on a good foundation which will make any extra’s easier to accommodate within your daily routine.

This remains the blog section after all. Informal manner chatter mixed with some formalities of critical thinking, integrity and authenticity. A safe space for trial and error, combined with the evaluations of them both. Sometimes, it’s worth inspiring someone else wildly enough, to urge them from their spot to run off with some brilliant spark of an idea and influence change on their own. There. Right where they are and with whom they can connect with. Making connections are rather more valuable than the viral recognition of who’d been at play.

Who do you see when you look back at the mirror?
And, how often do you get to see her/him?
You proud?


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